80's and Electric

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Our main man from the Internet Music Programme stumps up a fine electronically-driven selection, upping the stakes and making me reckon I should get off my ass and get digging.

Lightworks (edit) - J Dilla
L.E.S. Artists (XXXChange remix) - Santogold
Who'll Stop The Rain (dub) - Heaven 17
Simple - Siriusmo
Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles
Teach These Cats (Player Player remix) - Player Player
Baby (Breakbot remix) - PNAU
Idealistic (A-Trak remix) - Digitalism
Phantom (CFCF's Six Pack remix) - Justice
Needy Girl (Zdar Dub) - Chromeo
Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry (Part 1 & 2) - Heaven 17
The Eraser (XXXChange remix) - Radiohead
Supernature - Cerrone
The Lebanon (extended version) - The Human League
Super Mario Kart Special Ending - Soyo Oka & Taro Bando
Business Time (ATOM remix) - The Flight Of The Conchords
A Feeling Of The All Thing - Kelley Polar
Beatbox (featuring Capitol A) - Ben Mono
As I Moved On (Trentemoller remix) - Blue Foundation
Hold Me Know - Thompson Twins