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A Journey Into Sound

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It's a special one this week - like some sort of foreign exchange programme, we have Matt Cooper from the Internet Music Programme on guest spot, possibly wearing one of those fluorescent italian rucksacks. In return, I've helped shape the Jess and Anna mix currently up on theirs. It's a double whammy that should make up for last weeks silence.

"Just like all of the other episodes of Internet Music Programme there is a theme, and the theme for this mix is: remix. All of the songs are remixes, that's either quite fitting for a guest episode, or very tenuous."

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Modern Dance Music Part 1

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Wil says:
"It's a double whammy this week - Matt from the Internet Music Programme begifts us with a slice from his cake, while I return the favour with a slice for him - head over there for this and more. Electro continues to be the sound of the 'summer', unless one of the crate diggers wants to pipe up and prove us wrong. Hm?"

Matt says:
I hope you like dance music, because that's what you're going to get. Something old (Kraftwerk), something new(Stronger remix), something borrowed (Suburban Knights), nothing blue. Credit to Pookie Wonder for alerting me to the Hard Fi track. And as usual the chopped up remix of a Kanye rip-off sounds 10x better. Turn it up. Then go to and listen to some other podcasts, they're grreeeat.

Should be everything, give me a shout if you need anything else

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Electronic Soul

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"Electronic soul stuff. Listen and then go directly to Internet Music Programme and listen to some other quality podcastings." So says our man Matt.

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80's and Electric

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Our main man from the Internet Music Programme stumps up a fine electronically-driven selection, upping the stakes and making me reckon I should get off my ass and get digging.

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Modern Dance Music Part 2

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In his own words:
Since the end of the Internet Music Programme (RIP IMP) this mix came into being. Like Part 1 of this series it's a healthy slice of the best dance music of the day. Starting in nu-disco and gradually getting heavier and more technoier, until the Black Hammer track which is the sonic equivalent of bare knuckle boxing.

Aeroplane, Sirisumo, Prins Thomas, Digitalism, Metro Area and the Junior Boys. Plus the new one from Simian Mobile Disco which is at least as big as Hustler, and is probably destined to be the Heater of summer 2009.

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Modern Dance Music Part 3

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The return of the Internet Music Programme with a tracklist that makes me think I'm falling out of touch. And each one a belter too - we've all got some digging to do after this one.

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First Things

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From Matt:

"Designed to be played when you're the first one up in the morning. whether your on a train traveling somewhere, or sitting in your studio (and i know it's only designers who listen to this podcast) and you need some calming soundscape music.

Good for crisp cold winter mornings with your headphones on."

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Modern Dance Music Part 4

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In his words: "If Dang is still broadcasting then i'm still diggin'. Maybe the name is a bit boring but the music certain ain't. Fresh mp3s from the blogosphere to keep your heads nodding."

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Modern Dance Music Part 5

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Matt says: Hello Dang listeners, time for some more modern dance music, a bit of Africanism with The Very Best, a bit of Post Fidget with Crookers and a few of France's finest. For the techno-heads out there we've also got a bit of an oddity from Charanjit Singh, you may already have heard about this but if you haven't you should look him up, it turns out a dude in India invented Acid House about 5 years before everyone thinks it emerged in America and the UK. Check it out.

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Modern Dance Music Part 6

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Matt Cooper of Internet Music Programme fame is wisely using his freelance time to dig up and serve fine fresh tunes. Behold.

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Modern Dance Music 8 (Part 2)

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In Matt's very own words...

Another mix from the neverending Modern Dance Music series, i've decided that number 8 is a significant milestone and so this one's a two-hour two-parter. Part 1 is over on and Part 2 is here on the Dang Radio. So check out both halves on each show, just the way God intended.

Part 2 is a bit of a chameleon with some more mellow stuff up front, and a party in the back. Recent tunes from Grimes, LV and Actress and then some heavy duty stompers from Caspa, Diplo and A-Trak.

If you like this you'll dig Part 1, with tunes from Mux Mool, Scuba, Canblaster and Machinedrum - go get it.

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