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Turntable Tales

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Behold! Mr Jonny! Spinning Turntable Tales!
Not to be confused with LDM's Jonny B, Mr Jonny has contributed a fine beats n funk mix and filled a gap in the Dang market nicely. Check out his MySpace page and say hello

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Sith Beats

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Mr Jonny’s back! Following from where he left off on Turntable Tales, the latest installment is a fine concoction of beats, rhymes and lice. Definitely one for the weekend…

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Watch out for the big girl!

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Ah yeah, Mr Jonny back on the ones and twos, delivering what we've come to expect - a full spectrum of fine, fine tunes. Another shout out for the party - 18th May - get your name on the list and bring the masses.

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Blended Matter

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It's Mr Jonny. Say no more.

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Natural Selection

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Yes yes y'all, you know Dang! is back when a Mr Jonny mix comes through your digital letterbox.

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Just Add People

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Yes, we've been slack and yes we could do better, but summer's here and there's other things on our mind.

To make up for it here's Mr Jonny with one that's "definitely for the weekend".

Wanna catch up live and direct - head to The Fad on 1st August at the Macbeth on Hoxton Street, 8pm till late.

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The Harlem Project

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The return of Mr Jonny, with more of the consistent quality we've come to expect. If you're heading to V Festival, check him and the ADDJs out - they'll be there somewhere.

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Four in the back

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Hello, yes we're still here and yes there's gonna be a couple more on the way. Mr Jonny's gone all disco to kick things off, "still adopting the one take method, none of this Ableton malarky". Let's hear it for the handclap.

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Totem Soul Mix

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The return of Mr Jonny with more of that Electro Funk Disco that he's been peddling round Shoreditch. Deep.

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