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Proper Skank

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Some Dub-specialism for the summer, this started out as the downbeat chill soundtrack but got a bit hectic when I got bored. Enjoy.

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The Applecart

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The leftfield mix for Thom & Hema's wedding in August, this may not be for everyone. Also the first mix to go out purely from mp3 instead of vinyl. It's a brave new world.

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10 inches of Solid Steel

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This week, we bring you a homage to the legendary Ninja Tunes Solid Steel radio station. Pookie Wonder is back on the Ones and Twos, dropping more pleasing crowd-delights. In particular, check out the Mark Ronson demo and the Justin Timberlake - shutyourfaceitsawesomeproduction. Subscribe!

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Brown Sugar Boost

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Right, there's a couple of announcements this week:
1. The Dang! address has changed, which means you need to resubscribe on iTunes too - click here
2. Come shake a leg for a birthday bonanza with Tom, Xanthe and me Sat 4th Nov down at Brown Sugar in Holborn - good times guaranteed .
3. The eagerly anticipated First One to Die Loses Part VII has finally been released to critical acclaim - soak it up here.

And now for the music...

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Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards

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Taken from the title of Tom Waits' awe-inspiring new album, this weeks' mix is chopped up into 3 sections. If you're looking for some new music, you couldn't do better than new albums by Joanna Newsom, James Holden, Chris Clark and, of course, Mr Waits himself.

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Twas the night before Christmas...

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So Christmas is upon us and, right on cue, we have a shamelessly sentimental collection of classics - one for a family sing-song round the fireplace indeed. Seasons greetings, one and all...

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Hot Dang!

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Technical troubles have thwarted my efforts since Christmas, but the Mac is Back so in celebration I've laid down some of the tracks that made me want to build this site in the first place. In an unprecedented gesture of goodwill, I've also uploaded the Frankie Valli edit so that you too can listen to it on your bike and nearly fall off in sheer sickening bliss. Good times are here again people.

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Steve Mix

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Word is spreading and the downloads are thick and fast, which is why the site went down and everything is looking a bit fishy - I'll get it sorted this week. In the meantime, here's an old mix I did for a mate (pre-Ableton, on trusty vinyl). Listen out for word from the motherland - Iechyd da i bob Cymro a twll dyn bob Sais.

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April Rendered

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So, it's a short sharp one this week from yours truly - all about the riddim really, except when it drops like a mother sucker for Claude VonStroke. Holy moley. Were gonna carry on harking on about this party, so spread the word and get your peoples' names on the list and we'll shut up.

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Our House

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Well hello. This week it's me. It's a cheeky one, firstly cos there are some shoddy half-baked mixes in there and secondly cos there's a bunch of tracks I may get in trouble for posting - for the love of god, if you're into the Hatchback/Prins Thomas track as much as I am go and buy it when it's released. Oh, and it's a flatwarming downbeat mix. Upbeat mix to come.

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Still Our House

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Yep, the shelves are up and the sink unblocked - time to rock out to some squelchy electro sounds. For more in the same vein check out this Hard Fi remix that didn't quite make the cut - pretty massive on dancefloors right now.

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Dan Gradio

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So it's a big weekend coming up:

- Twix Triplepack on Friday at 19:20 Clerkenwell

- Fat Badger party on Saturday in Notting Hill.

Can you dig it?

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Over and Out

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So, the time has come. You may have noticed things slowing down recently - I'm leaving the country, quit the job and sold the camel. It's been nearly two year of fine tunes, and a whole lot of big-ups are owed to the Dang DJs for consistently excellent mixes. It's been a real pleasure playing this stuff out - we may well be back in some form or another, but in the meantime here's a bootilicious last gasp to tie you all over.

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Marathon Man

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Not the re-boot we promised, but I'm back and considering getting this thing going again - DJs, I'll be giving the shout out soon enough. In the meantime, here's a mix I did for my man Denver who's running the london marathon and needed motivational tunes. Sponsor him here and watch this space for Dang Redux!

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Pookie's Wonder

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New server, new site, and a new start. To celebrate, here's a 3-hour compendium of upbeat tracks from previous mixes, again aimed to motivate the marathon runners. DJs, we're off again - send em in, though we're looking to post on a monthly basis now.

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I Can See Clearly Now

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Yes, the sun's cracking through and the clouds are breaking - things are starting to come together. Here's one for the garden.

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Taking Care of Business

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Electro sounds to soothe the non-summer blues.

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The Big Smoke

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Just stick it on and don't worry about it.

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Satellite Radio

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Is there anybody out there on the Satellite Radio? Here's hoping, cos this one's fitter, happier and more productive.

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As time ticks on, I'm listening to slower, sweeping songs. Some of these have been kicking around for a while but I keep coming back to them. One for the Big Chill tent.

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A quick mix for an engagement party that may or may not be of interest in these festive times

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This is a bit scrappy so bear with me - it's got bits I've been sitting on for a while, ideas I'm picking up on my travels and an education for the locals in recent dance music, which is massive out here.

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Home at Cwm Mwynant

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2 weeks downtime at Home with the folks brought this downbeat mix on, with some new and old stuff in there. The final track is the theme for our wedding thing.

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My boy was born. He's the best, here's his mix.

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Part two of this bank holiday bonanza is from yours truly, throwing down some garden-party tunes I've been sitting on for a while. Yes we're still here and yes we're still digging, just a bit slower than the kids.

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