Audio by year 2011

Four in the back

Mr Jonny's picture

Hello, yes we're still here and yes there's gonna be a couple more on the way. Mr Jonny's gone all disco to kick things off, "still adopting the one take method, none of this Ableton malarky". Let's hear it for the handclap.

65:10 minutes (89.5 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 6

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Matt Cooper of Internet Music Programme fame is wisely using his freelance time to dig up and serve fine fresh tunes. Behold.

56:16 minutes (64.51 MB)

Mr Double Down presents Movers & Shakers

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Mr Double Down returns with some choice rare grooves, all 45rpm mix of 50s and 60s R&B. Perfect summer fodder - get more on their blog here:

49:04 minutes (44.93 MB)


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My boy was born. He's the best, here's his mix.

62:55 minutes (86.44 MB)

There's a Riot Goin' On

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Dabs joins us with a riotous mix of digital an bleepy goodness. Welcome to the gang

32:37 minutes (44.79 MB)

Totem Soul Mix

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The return of Mr Jonny with more of that Electro Funk Disco that he's been peddling round Shoreditch. Deep.

55:32 minutes (76.27 MB)