Modern Dance Music Part 5

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Matt says: Hello Dang listeners, time for some more modern dance music, a bit of Africanism with The Very Best, a bit of Post Fidget with Crookers and a few of France's finest. For the techno-heads out there we've also got a bit of an oddity from Charanjit Singh, you may already have heard about this but if you haven't you should look him up, it turns out a dude in India invented Acid House about 5 years before everyone thinks it emerged in America and the UK. Check it out.

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This is a bit scrappy so bear with me - it's got bits I've been sitting on for a while, ideas I'm picking up on my travels and an education for the locals in recent dance music, which is massive out here.

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Modern Dance Music Part 4

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In his words: "If Dang is still broadcasting then i'm still diggin'. Maybe the name is a bit boring but the music certain ain't. Fresh mp3s from the blogosphere to keep your heads nodding."

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Jam Hot

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After a bit of an absence for everyone, Mike steps up to the plate and delivers another tasty selection of beats, rhymes and life. Hope you're all still listening, cos we're still digging.

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First Things

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From Matt:

"Designed to be played when you're the first one up in the morning. whether your on a train traveling somewhere, or sitting in your studio (and i know it's only designers who listen to this podcast) and you need some calming soundscape music.

Good for crisp cold winter mornings with your headphones on."

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A quick mix for an engagement party that may or may not be of interest in these festive times

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Modern Dance Music Part 3

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The return of the Internet Music Programme with a tracklist that makes me think I'm falling out of touch. And each one a belter too - we've all got some digging to do after this one.

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Nuts and Bolts

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A little bit of everything for everyone in this badboy from Dotmega - you couldn't hope for a more diverse slice through all that's right.

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Got Skills? (An All 45rpm Excursion)

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Mr Double Down from The Hook and Sling delivers a solid dose of funk & soul direct from the platters that matter, and all straight 45s. A truly welcome treat for Dang regulars. To get down to some of this sweet soul music check the event page on their website.

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As time ticks on, I'm listening to slower, sweeping songs. Some of these have been kicking around for a while but I keep coming back to them. One for the Big Chill tent.

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