The Harlem Project

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The return of Mr Jonny, with more of the consistent quality we've come to expect. If you're heading to V Festival, check him and the ADDJs out - they'll be there somewhere.

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Another newcomer to the show, DotMega flexes his Ableton muscles on a foray into, well, everything. Welcome to the Show.

68:29 minutes (78.37 MB)

Modern Dance Music Part 2

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In his own words:
Since the end of the Internet Music Programme (RIP IMP) this mix came into being. Like Part 1 of this series it's a healthy slice of the best dance music of the day. Starting in nu-disco and gradually getting heavier and more technoier, until the Black Hammer track which is the sonic equivalent of bare knuckle boxing.

Aeroplane, Sirisumo, Prins Thomas, Digitalism, Metro Area and the Junior Boys. Plus the new one from Simian Mobile Disco which is at least as big as Hustler, and is probably destined to be the Heater of summer 2009.

63:53 minutes (73.11 MB)

Fajita Funk Volume 6 - Elsprucho

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Newcomers are always welcome on the Dang! wagon, especially when they bring with them some of the tastiest beats around. Say hello to Fajita Funk (

67:57 minutes (155.52 MB)

It's a Stick Up! (Funk From The Trunk Volume 5)

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Hm. There's a danger this mix is going to make us all look bad. A slick and comprehensive journey through funk, hip-hop and breaks via turntablism from new man Ewan Hoozami. Give it up.

66:32 minutes (91.38 MB)

Satellite Radio

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Is there anybody out there on the Satellite Radio? Here's hoping, cos this one's fitter, happier and more productive.

62:20 minutes (85.61 MB)


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It's Mike and he's back with the beats, sounding sweeter than ever and namechecking all the right people.

On another note, Mr Jonny has started a regular night at The Redchurch Bar on Brick Lane starting this Friday with Pookie Wonder. Come one come all.

46:20 minutes (103.38 MB)

The Big Smoke

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Just stick it on and don't worry about it.

85:44 minutes (117.75 MB)

80's and Electric

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Our main man from the Internet Music Programme stumps up a fine electronically-driven selection, upping the stakes and making me reckon I should get off my ass and get digging.

78:43 minutes (90.09 MB)

Taking Care of Business

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Electro sounds to soothe the non-summer blues.

64:19 minutes (88.33 MB)
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