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Yes, we've been slack and yes we could do better, but summer's here and there's other things on our mind.

To make up for it here's Mr Jonny with one that's "definitely for the weekend".

Wanna catch up live and direct - head to The Fad on 1st August at the Macbeth on Hoxton Street, 8pm till late.

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I Can See Clearly Now

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Yes, the sun's cracking through and the clouds are breaking - things are starting to come together. Here's one for the garden.

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Tune in to the sounds of our newest member, Trol23, who brings us a spectrum of British and US beats. Welcome to the fold.

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Natural Selection

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Yes yes y'all, you know Dang! is back when a Mr Jonny mix comes through your digital letterbox.

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Electronic Soul

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"Electronic soul stuff. Listen and then go directly to Internet Music Programme and listen to some other quality podcastings." So says our man Matt.

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Pookie's Wonder

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New server, new site, and a new start. To celebrate, here's a 3-hour compendium of upbeat tracks from previous mixes, again aimed to motivate the marathon runners. DJs, we're off again - send em in, though we're looking to post on a monthly basis now.

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Marathon Man

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Not the re-boot we promised, but I'm back and considering getting this thing going again - DJs, I'll be giving the shout out soon enough. In the meantime, here's a mix I did for my man Denver who's running the london marathon and needed motivational tunes. Sponsor him here and watch this space for Dang Redux!

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Over and Out

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So, the time has come. You may have noticed things slowing down recently - I'm leaving the country, quit the job and sold the camel. It's been nearly two year of fine tunes, and a whole lot of big-ups are owed to the Dang DJs for consistently excellent mixes. It's been a real pleasure playing this stuff out - we may well be back in some form or another, but in the meantime here's a bootilicious last gasp to tie you all over.

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Soulful Reggae Mix

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Here's some sweet sweet reggae music from Dr No to brighten your days.

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Dan Gradio

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So it's a big weekend coming up:

- Twix Triplepack on Friday at 19:20 Clerkenwell

- Fat Badger party on Saturday in Notting Hill.

Can you dig it?

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