Organ Owner

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With a tear in the eye, we say goodbye to Mike as he sets off on a global trot. His parting gift is a short burst of genius - a medley of organ-donor sounds which comes out sounding really, really fucking good. Take care dude.

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Modern Dance Music Part 1

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Wil says:
"It's a double whammy this week - Matt from the Internet Music Programme begifts us with a slice from his cake, while I return the favour with a slice for him - head over there for this and more. Electro continues to be the sound of the 'summer', unless one of the crate diggers wants to pipe up and prove us wrong. Hm?"

Matt says:
I hope you like dance music, because that's what you're going to get. Something old (Kraftwerk), something new(Stronger remix), something borrowed (Suburban Knights), nothing blue. Credit to Pookie Wonder for alerting me to the Hard Fi track. And as usual the chopped up remix of a Kanye rip-off sounds 10x better. Turn it up. Then go to and listen to some other podcasts, they're grreeeat.

Should be everything, give me a shout if you need anything else

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Make Party

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In his own words: "Its the other, heavier 'Deficit' - perhaps darker wing to the Attention Deficit DJ's that brings you this months mixicle"

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No Name Camel Cast 3

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Further Dubbism for your listening pleasure from the Moomu Records gang. Head over to their site to hear their new single 'Accident Causer' - good god it's a goodun.

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Still Our House

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Yep, the shelves are up and the sink unblocked - time to rock out to some squelchy electro sounds. For more in the same vein check out this Hard Fi remix that didn't quite make the cut - pretty massive on dancefloors right now.

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Show & Tell Mix

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Mr Double Down shows us what he's been digging up recently. Then tells us about it. Through music. Like this:

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Blended Matter

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It's Mr Jonny. Say no more.

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Our House

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Well hello. This week it's me. It's a cheeky one, firstly cos there are some shoddy half-baked mixes in there and secondly cos there's a bunch of tracks I may get in trouble for posting - for the love of god, if you're into the Hatchback/Prins Thomas track as much as I am go and buy it when it's released. Oh, and it's a flatwarming downbeat mix. Upbeat mix to come.

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Glad Eye

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Bosh! In there with the ADDJs. It's been a long time coming, for Dang! and the ADDJs, but it's worth the wait. I'm sworn to secrecy on the hidden Mika tune, but there's several gems beside that one, mark my words. yak yak yak.

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No Name Camel Cast 2

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More reggae grooves from the MoomuSound crew - mmmmtasty.

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