Funk Mix 4

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Back to the Funk with Mr Double Down completing his Trilogy (plus one) - mmmmmmMama

"This Funk And Soul Mix Was Recorded And Ripped From My 45s Collection Hence The Raw Sound In Places
Hope You Enjoy It And Feel Free To Leave Comments / Requests
Check out for more mixes and info on our upcoming soul, funk and disco nights in and around London."

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A Journey Into Sound

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It's a special one this week - like some sort of foreign exchange programme, we have Matt Cooper from the Internet Music Programme on guest spot, possibly wearing one of those fluorescent italian rucksacks. In return, I've helped shape the Jess and Anna mix currently up on theirs. It's a double whammy that should make up for last weeks silence.

"Just like all of the other episodes of Internet Music Programme there is a theme, and the theme for this mix is: remix. All of the songs are remixes, that's either quite fitting for a guest episode, or very tenuous."

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Wes' Coas' Hip Hop

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Nice one to all who came down for the Friday shindig - fine fine times indeed. We made enough cash to keep this sucker running for another 6 months, so expect another party about then. In the meantime, here's newcomer Sareeta Domingo with some fine west coast sounds - welcome to our world Sareeta.

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Playing with my emotions

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So, as the big day approaches Dr No gives us some big soul sounds to count us down - I'm personally still gobsmacked by the Dierdre Wilson tune. Rally the troops for one last push towards the Brixton summit - Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

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Electric Eclectic

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People say hello to The Black Neon, bringing his own brand of leftfield eclecticism to the proceedings. Highly highly enjoyable - drop in and check out some of his own penned number over here. Welcome to the gang.

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April Rendered

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So, it's a short sharp one this week from yours truly - all about the riddim really, except when it drops like a mother sucker for Claude VonStroke. Holy moley. Were gonna carry on harking on about this party, so spread the word and get your peoples' names on the list and we'll shut up.

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Watch out for the big girl!

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Ah yeah, Mr Jonny back on the ones and twos, delivering what we've come to expect - a full spectrum of fine, fine tunes. Another shout out for the party - 18th May - get your name on the list and bring the masses.

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Funk Mix 3

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Mr Double Down comes through with the third in his Funk series - check out Better Days for future Funk And Soul nights in and around London.

This Mix Was Recorded From Original 45s Hence The Grainy Sound In Places

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No Name Camel Cast

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More premature summer-vibes on a reggae tip from Will & Stiff, who dig deep into their crates for some rare raregroove. Guaranteed to get you high.

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Steve Mix

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Word is spreading and the downloads are thick and fast, which is why the site went down and everything is looking a bit fishy - I'll get it sorted this week. In the meantime, here's an old mix I did for a mate (pre-Ableton, on trusty vinyl). Listen out for word from the motherland - Iechyd da i bob Cymro a twll dyn bob Sais.

67:06 minutes (76.8 MB)
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