Dr No's Rare-Groove Revenge

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Dr No has taken the 'competitive brother' angle and applied it to crate digging for this weeks installment - for more real soul music head down to the next Better Days @ Brown Sugar, 31st March.
We're getting hammered by downloads and storage space at the minute, so the sad day is dawning when older archive mixes are gonna have to come down - watch this space for a Hosting Fundraiser in May.

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Model 1620LE

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Kit Lebone steps into the arena on a "balearic-slo-mo-disco-cosmic-spacerock tip". Far out sounds from some underground names that are gonna have you doing some background internet research for sure. It's a winner - feel the welcoming Dang embrace.

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Soul Stirring 2

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More sweet soul music from the Moomu Records posse this week, picking up from where they left off last month, and taking us on a spiritual trip from which we may never return. Lord have mercy.

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Hot Dang!

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Technical troubles have thwarted my efforts since Christmas, but the Mac is Back so in celebration I've laid down some of the tracks that made me want to build this site in the first place. In an unprecedented gesture of goodwill, I've also uploaded the Frankie Valli edit so that you too can listen to it on your bike and nearly fall off in sheer sickening bliss. Good times are here again people.

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Vintage Dread

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In the words of Jonny B himself "Yeah blud, Got you some jahlove roots & dub firecrackers inna dis one".

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Funk Mix 2

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**You may have got a trimmed down version of this already - we had server trouble. Come get the full length version here and now**
Holy Cow whatcha doin now! Mr Double Down introduces himself with a double dose of funk. Another member of the Better Days crew, you can catch him playing last Saturday of every month at Brown Sugar.

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Soul Stirring

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People, say hello to Will and Stiff. Hailing from Moomu Records, they've brought rare groove and lashings of soul to the party. All hail.

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Fallen Angels & Lucky Devils

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Deep as you like, we've got Nautilius giving us the lowdown this week. It's nice. Very nice. Laura says it's as good as Chakalaka.

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Sith Beats

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Mr Jonny’s back! Following from where he left off on Turntable Tales, the latest installment is a fine concoction of beats, rhymes and lice. Definitely one for the weekend…

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Not On Time and Not On Budget

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Michael of ADDJs fame makes good his promise and delivers some musical sunshine for these dark, dark days. Catch him and other Dang! DJs play at Dobbo's birthday shindig this Friday at Jam

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