The Rhythm Method

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Carl Craig, Todd Terje, Erol Alkan... It's a goddamn remix frenzy from some of the finest electro producers out there. Go Jonny B Go!

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Ayah makes a grand entrance to Dang! Another member of the Lucky Devil camp, Ayah steps up to the decks this week with some much-needed reggae / hip-hop beats. Go and say hello on her Myspace page.

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NYE Party Mix

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Dr No puts us in our place with a storming start to the year, taking us into 07 nicely - the Ben Westbeech tune alone is gonna ring in your ears well into Summer. Have a real good night people.

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Twas the night before Christmas...

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So Christmas is upon us and, right on cue, we have a shamelessly sentimental collection of classics - one for a family sing-song round the fireplace indeed. Seasons greetings, one and all...

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Jonny Bs Xmas Disco Mix

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Like some kind of Supafly Santa, Jonny B comes bearing disco biscuits - and real tasty they are too... Tis the season to get down.
Apparently this site has been sending some people the mixes twice - is this true? Any other bugs or issues? Pipe up cos we'll never know otherwise - drop us a message in 'Comments' will you...

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Soul 4 Real

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El Guiri, one part of the Better Days family, graces us with some REAL soul music this week, laying down some of the smoothest grooves ever to go digital. This is likely to make your week.

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Turntable Tales

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Behold! Mr Jonny! Spinning Turntable Tales!
Not to be confused with LDM's Jonny B, Mr Jonny has contributed a fine beats n funk mix and filled a gap in the Dang market nicely. Check out his MySpace page and say hello

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Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards

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Taken from the title of Tom Waits' awe-inspiring new album, this weeks' mix is chopped up into 3 sections. If you're looking for some new music, you couldn't do better than new albums by Joanna Newsom, James Holden, Chris Clark and, of course, Mr Waits himself.

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Dr No's Tuff Luv- A Mix with a Message

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The Mysterious Dr No makes good his promise and, against overwhelming technical odds, comes through with a splendid musical journey. Bravissimo, and welcome to the ranks.

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Jonny B defeats the space invaders

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After a few days delay it's a double-header from the Lucky Devil crew, with Jonny B stepping back up with a sterling mix. Some real obscure gems in there, but hang with Mr B for the ride cos it's well worth it.

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