First Things

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From Matt:

"Designed to be played when you're the first one up in the morning. whether your on a train traveling somewhere, or sitting in your studio (and i know it's only designers who listen to this podcast) and you need some calming soundscape music.

Good for crisp cold winter mornings with your headphones on."

The Two Sacred Tapestries Of Persia - Trial Of The Bow
From Home – Tycho
Easy – Hercules And Love Affair
Yes It Is – Scott McCarl
Deep Blue Day – Brian Eno
Over Here – Peverelist & Appleblim
Porchside Economics - Ezekiel Honig
Handle With Care – Andy Stott
The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Vallalobos remix) - Depeche Mode
Feel PM – Lindstrom and Prins Thomas
Strings Of Life – Francesco Tristano
When I Grow Up (version by Lissvik) – Fever Ray
Like A Song Bird That Has Fallen - Reeltime Travelers
Vitamin C - Can
No. 1 (Lent Et Douloureux) - ISAN
Wolf City - Amon Düül II
Roscoe (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve remix) - Midlake

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