The Harlem Project

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The return of Mr Jonny, with more of the consistent quality we've come to expect. If you're heading to V Festival, check him and the ADDJs out - they'll be there somewhere.

Marvin Gaye – Holler (Beatsy Collins remix)
Players – What’s your problem (Martin Brew remix)
6th Borough Project – Do it to the max
Greg Wilson – DD & Rakim
Orgone – Get lifted
T Ski Valley – Catch the beat
Sharon Redd – Never give you up
Situation – Love in me
Audited Beat – Trailer Party
Arcadion – Fly vision
Flashbaxx – Jack of all trades (Maximilian Loop remix)
Quasamodo - Lets funk
Tal M Klien - Party block rocker
Diesel & Jarvis - Give it up
The Revenge – Unfinished edits are out of my hands
Black Grass – Without your love
Messengers – Creative love
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe so, maybe no
Greg Wilson – Two sides of sympathy

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