Proper Skank

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Some Dub-specialism for the summer, this started out as the downbeat chill soundtrack but got a bit hectic when I got bored. Enjoy.

Paul McCartney - Check my Machine
Martin EZ - Dub me
Ine Kamoze - World a Music
Businessman - Dub Fall in Love
Ralph Myerz - Savannah
7 Samurai - When you get up
The Bombist - Want you back
Jonathan Richmond - Egyptian Reggae
Platinum Pied Pipers /
Paul Simon - 50 Ways to leave your lover
DJ Fitchie & Dukie - Grounded
Trinity Roots - Egos
The Free Association - Wooden Heart
DJ Hype - Super Sharp Shooter
DJ Quality - Let it Billie
M-Beat - Incredible
Chris Montez - The more I see you